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Social Responsibility

At Victor Nwankwo Leadership Academy, we recognize the importance of the community in our lives. We are part of the community and the community is part of us. Our goal is to foster a mutually beneficial ongoing relationship. Furthermore, we aspire to be a fully integrated part of the local community, the state community, the national community, and ultimately the global community.

We recognise that our students are more privileged than some of the students around them. We are conscious of the level of inequality that exists in the country. Our main focus is to develop community enriching programs that advance the dignity of the human person and equality of all citizens. As our academy grows, practical steps and programs will be announced to enable us to achieve this goal.

Our first initial step is that we have started offering assistance to a local school next to us. So even before we officially open our doors in 2022, the Victor Nwankwo Leadership Academy is sponsoring Our Lady of Perpetual Help International Schools (OLPHIS) as a patron for their inter-house sports in 2021.

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Our job will only be complete when your child leaves our academy as an educated, ethical and responsible person.

It will be a great honour to have your sons and daughters at our academy.

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