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Transformation and Diversity

Diversity and inclusion are integral to our mission. Committing to their principles help us to embrace fairness and equity in all our decision making. It also makes it possible for us to engage and utilize the best of human resources. Perspectives as well as competency as capabilities that diversity and inclusion bring to the table allow us to maintain a working environment where the concept of the whole person is brought to work- where diverse ideas thrive and viewed as critical to effective ethical leadership and creativity. In turn, individuals can reach their greatest potential and optimize their contribution to our strategic goals.

We acknowledge that our commitment to ethical and servant leadership as core educational motivations not only make diversity and inclusion concrete, we recognize the freedom to express them as integral part of whole person education- where the students’ worldviews and perspectives form a huge part of the educational process and concrescence. This also informs our institutional engagement within and outside of Nigeria as we aspire to cast our net as wide as possible in searching for the best of experience for our students and staffs.


We Believe

We are on a journey that requires the most comprehensive expertise, the broadest knowledge and the greatest integrity. This is what our diversity and inclusion promote.


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Our job will only be complete when your child leaves our academy as an educated, ethical and responsible person.

It will be a great honour to have your sons and daughters at our academy.

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