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Recognizing the Power to Inspire

At VNLA, our leadership aim is to unlock the inspirational leader within and recognize the power of the individual voice, engagement, actions, and stories which can help them make a powerful impact on people, organizations, and communities. Our approach is grounded in holistic thinking that attends to the development of the whole human person. We believe that in order to address the problems arising in our more interconnected world and to harness the opportunities that such a world presents, we need to move away from the retroactive thinking that has given us that world and embrace pro-activeness directed towards the kind of society and individuals that we want to see. This demands a fundamental shift in values.

Growth and development

Motivationally, we are invited by the possibilities and potentialities within the reach of human aspirations and which holistic and ethical education can bring about. Guided by the principle of holistic self-organization as we grow together, we anticipate a future that is informed by meaningful experience and the actualisation of our individual and collective human potential in collaboration with each other. We invite you to be a part of reimagining this future with us,  where our shared endeavours will be informed by a renewed vision of possibility for the future, directed by a clear understanding of the quality of life we want to share.

And so, we are committed to creating together an integrated leadership aimed at  learning  how to re-engage with each other and with our environment in a way that is not only sustainable, but also mindfully enriching in the learning experience. We recognize the urgency for a new narrative and through transformed education; we aim to enable an attitude in society of exercising responsibility.


Daily Routine






Our job will only be complete when your child leaves our academy as an educated, ethical and responsible person.

It will be a great honour to have your sons and daughters at our academy.

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