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Subjects Offered

Critical Thinking and Primary Ethics

There is perhaps no subject more relevant to who we are than this! This subject teaches our students to think analytically but in a systems fashion. They will be exposed to interconnectivity and interconnectedness. This subject will equip them to ask the right life questions so that they can get the right answers.

Mathematics and Advanced Mathematics

At the Junior Secondary level, our students will be introduced to Basic Mathematics. They will be taught the ins and outs of mathematics, offering them the skill and willpower to demystify a subject that is feared and hated by so many. As they progress, their exposure will be increased to an advanced level based on their desires. They will be equipped to master mathematical issues like fractions, simplification, interest rates etc. We will get them to love a subject that is key to succeeding in today’s world.

English Lanquage

English language will equip our students with world class control and understanding of this global language. They will be skilled in grammar, phonics, creative writing, comprehension and the ability to lead and do business in this language.

Igbo Language

Igbo Language will be taught in line with other Nigerian languages as we develop. Fluency in written and spoken Igbo is a valuable skill that we will give our students. It is part of our identity and we are proud to be there.

French Language

French Language  will teach our students another internationally recognized language. To be a leader, one has to be able to communicate. To communicate, one needs to know the languages.

Arabic Language

Arabic will be taught as a subject language to our students. Recognized as one of the six major languages by the United Nations, the knowledge of Arabic will assist our students with the liturgical study of Islam.

Physical and Health Science

Physical and Health Science will endow our students with the knowledge of different sports and world games. They will be taught how to make use of different sporting equipment; learn the rules of different sporting codes and ultimately be future leaders in sports.

National Values

Civic Education, Security Studies and Social Studies will be covered under National Values. These subjects will assist our students to master the relationship between the environment and humanity. This is an area that is growing in consciousness.

Basic Technology

Basic Technology will teach our students the use of different innovative technology in our society. They will be versed with essential skills like energy generation and management, recycling etc.

Information Technology

Information Technology will teach our students basic computer and cloud skills. This will be a foundation-laying subject that prepares them for bigger subjects in IT.

Prevocational Studies

Christian Religious Knowledge, Islamic Studies, Agricultural Science and Home Economics will be offered as prevocational studies. These subjects will further enhance our students knowledge of different religions, food and animal production/management as well domestic and home development skills.

Basic Coding

Basic Coding begins to expose our students to computer creativity. They will begin to express their inquisitive minds using computer commands and programs.

Business Studies

Business Studies forms part of our core subjects. The world is becoming ever more entrepreneurial. This subject will introduce our students to business affairs thereby equipping them to be future leaders in the business world.

Cultural and Creative Arts

Cultural and Creative arts – here we take our students
back to their roots. They will rediscover their African heritage and culture, often expressed in dressing, drawing and designs.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts will teach our students the skill of imagination as they will be empowered to express themselves in artistic creative thinking expressed with colours and other arts.

Integrated Science

Integrated Science subject teaches our students matters relating to animal husbandry, plant pollination etc. It is the background to future and more advanced scientific studies.

Agricultural Science

Agricultural Science will teach our students all about
farming. Food insecurity is becoming more and more
prevalent on a global level. This subject will teach our students issues relating to subsistence and commercial


Biology as an aspect of integrated science will be offered from SS1 to SS3. This subject will focus on life and living things. The students will explore the evolution, function, growth, and advancement of living organisms.


Chemistry will also be offered from SS1 to SS3. This is also an advanced aspect of integrated science. This subject will focus on atomic and molecular structures. Our students will be given an opportunity to be creative with chemicals.


Physics will be offered from SS1 to SS3. This subject will be an advanced stage of integrated science/basic science offering the students a deeper knowledge of the constituents of the universe, starting from quantum mechanics up to the larger universe

Christian Religious Knowledge

This subject will teach our students the origins, history and principles of Christianity. At the end of the subject our students will have a clearer understanding of Christianity and the relation to humanity. 

Islamic Studies

This subject will teach our students the origins, history and principles of Islam. It is expected that our students will have a better understanding of Islam and it’s relation to humanity and civilisation.

Civic Education

This subject is an important aspect of our leadership agenda. In this subject, our students are taught the importance of their duties and responsibilities as global citizens. They will be exposed to the legislative mandate of the country. They will explore the constitution of the republic and other countries. This subject will teach our kids governance.


Outdoor Education


Our job will only be complete when your child leaves our academy as an educated, ethical and responsible person.

It will be a great honour to have your sons and daughters at our academy.

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