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About the Victor Nwankwo Leadership Academy

Victor Nwankwo Leadership Academy is an independent, international co-ed boarding academy starting from Nursery 1 to SS3. The academy is a specialist academy primarily focused on producing ethical and servant-leaders of the future. The experience of living in Nigeria and the world at large attest to the urgency of producing leaders that are driven by ethical values and goals. We are raising future leaders that will have humane, family values, civil responsibility, ethical living, self- sacrifice and servant leadership.

Mission Statement

To be an academic institution that creates the best global platform for the transformation of boys and girls into capable world leaders using educational tools and other expertise. 

Vision Statement

To be a global institution where capable
world leaders are formed to
transform the world as servant leaders.


The Academy uses a mixed curriculum, comprised mainly of the Nigerian Ministry of Education secondary school curriculum for both junior and senior secondary academy. However, beyond this, the identity of the Academy is enshrined in other subjects offered to our students such as Ethics, Critical Thinking, Robotics, Coding, Information Technology and Leadership.

Our Values

Our Goals

Produce boys and girls with IT skills and knowledge that is recognised internationally.

Deliver scholars that will be global ambassadors of leadership – particularly servant leadership.

Our Badge

At the core of who we are is the academy badge comprised of three key elements – the map of Africa, the horse facing towards the right, and the academic ribbon.

The map of Africa on our badge represents our goal and focus of transforming leadership on the African continent. Our academy’s core mission is to produce leaders that will change Africa and therefore the world at large.

The horse depicts a Person of character who puts people first and communicates very well. The horse is a compassionate collaborator endowed with foresight. It is a systems thinker and leads with moral authority. These are some of the pivotal qualities of the servant- leader! The horse facing right is intentional. Even with all these qualities, if not used in the right way, leadership will be missing. Hence the horse on our badge faces right – a reminder to our students to always do right.

The academic ribbon is at the heartbeat of our academy. We are an institution of learning with high passion for thinking, analysing and solving the problems the world we live in face.


The College Head


Calendar and Dates

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Our Story

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The Board



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Transformation & Diversity


Our job will only be complete when your child leaves our academy as an educated, ethical and responsible person.

It will be a great honour to have your sons and daughters at our academy.

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