Welcome Home. Welcome to Africa.

Our Boarding Establishment

“Welcome Home. Welcome to Africa.”

Boarding at the Victor Nwankwo Leadership Academy is a joy! Our goal is to provide our students with an experience that is as close as possible to home, if not better. Instead of living in dormitories, our students will be residing in 1, 2, or 3 bedroom apartments depending on their class. Younger students who generally will be in the Junior Secondary will be staying in 3 bedroom apartments. Each 3 bedroom apartment has one kitchen – to be used as student storage room, one lounge and dining room (open plan), two balconies, two showers and three toilets.

In order to ensure that our younger students do not feel alone, these three-bedroom apartments will be fitted with two beds in each of the rooms as well as the lounge area. These apartments have a floor space of 128M2 and will accommodate a maximum of 12 students allowing ample space and convenience to our students.

As the students get older, their space needs will change. They will require more privacy and would be independent enough to do their school work from the comfort of their apartments. To this effect, during the later stages of their studies, there will be fewer students in each apartment.

Generally, Junior Secondary students will be expected to have a toilet, shower, and bathroom ratio of one to three students (maximum). As they get to senior secondary, this is expected to change to a ratio of one to two and eventually one to one for our oldest students who would need all the support available to achieve their best at their Senior WAEC and JAMB examination.

The boarding Fees covers all meals, accommodation, Medicare excluding hospital admissions. The students will receive one African print school uniform for special occasions and Wednesdays. The African print uniform is a thing of pride for us – After all our academy is authentically African!

Our students are well fed with a balanced meal menu prepared by a dietician and reviewed from time to time, depending on the season, especially regarding the availability of fresh vegetables. Based on this, reference is drawn to the Parents’ and Students’ handbook, and reminder is made to the fact that there would be no need to bring your own food to the Academy. Meals and snacks will be provided. Bringing your own food is also not allowed.

Typically, students will be fed as follows:-

  1. Breakfast at 7 am
  2. Tea and Snacks – 10:15 am
  3. Lunch – 1 pm
  4. Tea and Snacks – 3:30 pm 5. Dinner – 6:30 pm
  5. Tea – 8:30 pm

These are indicative times. We are thrilled to have you as one of our students. “Welcome Home. Welcome to Africa.”

The table below is the indicative menu. N/B. This menu will vary depending on the season and availability of fresh produce like fruits and vegetables. 


Daily Routine





Our job will only be complete when your child leaves our academy as an educated, ethical and responsible person.

It will be a great honour to have your sons and daughters at our academy.

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